What is Liteblue PostalEASE and Epayroll

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Liteblue PostalEASE.

USPS employees us postalEASE to enroll in and manage benefit plans such as the Thrift Savings Plan, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan. Bigger changes may also be made, like diminishing coverage or cancelling enrolment.

Choosing ePayroll or mailed hardcopys:

You can contact liteblue support any queries.

After logging in to Liteblue, you have the choice of getting a sent and printed hardcopy of your payslip/wage announcement. By default, the screen shows"You are now getting a printed paystub sent for you."

To no longer receive the printed pay stubs via postal mail, click the"Change" link . A confirmation pop-up display shows. Click the OK link tab to confirm the change.

The messages on the ePayroll landing page now reads;"You are no longer receiving a printed pay stub mailed to you". To revert to getting the printed and sent hardcopy payslip/wage statement, click on the"Change" link again. The lower portion of the display includes links to Help Files and messages pertaining to ePayroll.

EPayroll is a secure application that provides access in addition to those of the prior 40 pay intervals.

Seeing your USPS ePayroll Payslip.